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August 17, 1996

My mom and siblings had arrived 2 days prior from Virginia. Their car had been robbed while they stayed at the Motel 6 in Amarillo TX. on the way to Tucson AZ. I woke up the morning of August 17 with a start. I had to use the restroom worse than usual.

When I got back to bed I fell fast asleep. I awoke 2 hours later in a wet bed. I got up and noticed that I wouldn’t stop leaking.

My mom suggested I call the doctor because she knew I was due anytime with my second baby. I did. They suggested I go into the hospital to get checked. The monster, my husband at the time warned me that it better not be fake (I had many false alarms with my first child). He said he would find a way to make it real as he drove slowly to the hospital.

When we arrived they checked me out… Sure enough, I was in labor. My water had broke after I went to the bathroom at 5am. The baby would be born that day. My mom and my 19 yr old sister came up to see me, they were going to be there for the birth. I was glad I would have someone besides the monster at my side.

I was not as excited for this baby. I was sure I could never love another baby as much as I loved my first. I just wanted to be home with Ms. Artistic. I was scared to bring another child into an already messed up marriage. The monster had been to jail while I was pregnant for beating me while I held Ms. Artistic. I didn’t know why God was allowing me to have another child so soon after the first.

It wasn’t long before the labor pains started. They tried to do an epidural but it only worked on my left side. My right side still felt every cramp, every contraction, every kick. They explained that I would have to suffer with this one because they could not fix that.

About 6 hours into labor a nurse came into the room because she wanted to check my vital signs. I don’t remember why mom said this but she told the nurse that she should check my progress under the sheet. My mom thought I was close. The nurse assured my mom that I had a long time to go and that it would be a long day. My mom calmly asked her to check anyway to be sure. The nurse looked under the sheet and her face went white. OH MY GOD! She yelled and said something about getting the doctor as she hurried out the door. My mom looked, and my baby’s head was crowning.

Within seconds there was a plethora of people I didn’t know swarm into my room. One of them looked over at my sister who was white. They had it in their heads that she was about to faint. Knowing my sister, I think it was more the sudden excitement that made her white.

I remember looking at all the people attending to my sister as the doctor delivered my baby girl at 2:15 pm.

When I took one look at her face, I knew she was the child I needed. I fell deeply in love with this child who needed me so desperately. I knew this child would be the one to take care of her older sister. I even told that to everyone who came to visit her that night.

I immediately felt guilty for all the feelings I had before she was born.

As the years have gone one, this child has taught me more than anyone in my life. She has been the one to show me strength. She has been the one to show me love and dedication.

As she turns 12 today, I hope she will know how very much I love her and how happy I am that she came into my life. I have been blessed because of her.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

My beautiful child
My beautiful child

**** Edit**** as a side note, everyone says we look alike… I am not so sure. This was what I looked like at age 12:

Tall_T age 12

Tall_T age 12


8 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Baby Girl…. I see a huge resemblence in both your girls…

  2. Tina, you sure were a beautiful young girl and i can see a resemblance with Baby Girl.
    Happy Birthday Baby Girl.

  3. Happy Birthday Baby Girl! 🙂

  4. You’re all attractive ladies tt but I’m afraid that smile that she has just cant be matched!

  5. I’m looking forward to the next meeting with the monster

  6. Happy Birthday to Baby Girl !!!!!! Give her hugs from my crew!

  7. I remember that day. I do rememer the nurse doing something to me when i sit down in the chair. i was so proud of you that day.

    love you

  8. I didn’t know your labor was so short …I found a few pictures of Baby Girl and posted them with a message for her. I was remembering earlier how excited you were when she learned to walk…it was about the time that Andrew started rolling across the floor to whatever he wanted. I loved every second I had with the kids while I stayed with you. They were so precious…Hugs to Baby Girl on her Birthday!

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