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Photo Friday-Wildlife!


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Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: Wildlife

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Mrs. Nascar-my sister!

Today’s Photo Friday was my choice, wildlife. I love wild animals in particular and watching them. One night while I was trying to get a picture of clouds I went through the civil war battlefield across the street. As I was driving this deer came alongside the road and I stopped the car. We stared at each other while the kids dug through my purse for my camera. When I pointed the camera the deer sprung out across the road and I missed the shot. I have been hoping to get one like it, but the deer haven’t been co-operating.

The other day I came home to find this furry little fellow staring me down, and it fits with the theme:

Whatcha lookin at?

Whatcha lookin at?

Here are some insects:

Bee in a flower

Bee in a flower

Ladybug in a flower

Ladybug in a flower

Can you find the lizard?

lizard on a tree

lizard on a tree

I am sorry I didn’t get that deer picture, but when I do I will be sure to post it!

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14 Responses

  1. Great collection of pics. Sorry about missing the deer picture…the one that got away! Love the lady bug picture. The colors are fab!!!

  2. I think I like the lady bug the best! Cool photo!

  3. That squirrel looks like he’s up to no good. 😐

  4. hi t

    i made ms baby girl something for her birthday
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  5. Your pics are just great love them all.

  6. believe me when I say I posted mine before I saw yours… (I, too, have a reptile in a tree!)

  7. A fab set of pics – i like them all too but ny absolute favourite is the Ladybug (we call them Ladybirds in the UK) and the squirrel is adorable!

    I loved this theme.

  8. I like the Ladybug…and the squirrel…and the bee…and the…ok, I like all of them, but I really love the little ladybug!

    Did you know we have Monkeys in New Mexico…he, he, he! I have a monkey in a tree and a mean kid in my wildlife pics….he, he, he!

    Love ya!

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