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Baby Girl Update…

We went to the kids’s primary care doctor yesterday and got mostly good news for all of them. The only thing of concern is that Baby Girl has lost 8lbs since March. This is the second time that she has lost a fairly large amount of weight in a short period of time. (I know 8 lbs does not sound like a lot, but when you are 5’1 and only 82lbs… well, it is much more of a concern).

The nausea she had been having since her surgery in 2006 has continued and not stopped. I have to admit not placing so much concern on it since we discovered it was not cancer and she had been gaining weight. Now that she is losing weight again, we are all much more concerned.

The doctor is checking her thyroid and possible TB (she  has several risk factors including cancer and unexplained weight loss). I am making an appointment for a Psychologist.

Keep praying that we will get answers soon for her.


5 Responses

  1. The highs and lows never stop for you guys. My heart goes out to you all. Take care.

  2. Oh honey! I am sorry she is feeling sick still. She is in my thoughts, as always. May you get answers and may she get relief soon.

  3. Hoping she is OK – it must be such a worry.

  4. Poor Baby Girl! I hope that somebody can get to the bottom of what is causing the nausea soon. Keeping her in our prayers. I just found out this morning that my cousin Joshua’s (my uncle OK’s youngest child) wife and baby are sick possibly with meningitis they are trying to find out what type it is, the baby is one year old. Keep them in your prayers please.

  5. Send her back to me, she wasn’t nauseated here and ate like a horse.

    She eats like a horse all the time!!! That is why this is so confusing. She was nauseated while she was at your house… She just didn’t say anything because she doesn’t like to complain. I just asked her

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