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Two word Meme…

Jan at A Curious State of Affairs tagged me with this meme, and after reading other’s answers to these questions, I decided to answer these questions…

I am: eating

I think: I lost half a butt cheek today
I know: I won’t have to work out tomorrow
I have: a smile on my face and a song in my heart
I wish: I was skinny already
I hate: when people have kids and then are not there for them during their important moments in life
I miss: the desert and mountains
I fear: losing a child
I hear: the keyboards tapping
I smell: my shampoo
I crave: chocolate
I search: for my older brother
I wonder: if my older brother ever thinks about me
I regret: being in a rush to buy a home
I love: kissing in the dark
I ache: in my back
I am not: stupid
I believe: that most people are good
I dance: when I have someone to dance with me
I sing: as often as possible
I cry: when I am hurt inside
I fight: for cancer reasearch
I win: some
I lose: more
I never: say never
I always: try everything twice
I confuse:  myself
I listen: to my emotions
I can usually be found: at a computer somewhere
I am scared: of losing a child
I need: security and adventure
I am happy about: qualifying to rent a beautiful home
I imagine: dirty things about my husband and sometimes other men…
I tag: everyone on my blogroll

One Response

  1. Wow – some really interesting answers. Your fear of losing a child ((((hugs)))))) – I have always feared losing one of my boys, so I can relate to this. When you love them so much – the fear they may be gone from you one day, can seem very real.

    Re your brother – I don’t know the story behind this. I must have missed it on your blog. Have you lost touch?

    Erotic fancies? Yeah – we’ve all been there!!! LOL!

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