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Will work for food

How often have you been driving down the road and someone is holding a sign that says “Will work for food”.

I have finally discovered what that means.

See, a week ago I discovered myfitnesspal.com. This website tracks and records the food you eat and calculates how many calories you intake. It sets you at a limit of calories lower than your BMR naturally. So if I want to go over the 1700 calories I am allowed, I have to work for it. Literally. I have to exercise it off.

 I think that is what I love most about this new lifestyle. I can no longer “play dumb” and not realize how many calories I am eating. I can eat whatever I want! I am not limited to anything. I just have to pay dearly with exercise if it is too many calories.

 I have lost 7lbs which is a big loss for the first week, but I am exercising more because I want to eat more!

 I have taken on a challenge from my brother in law for whoever reaches a 50lb weight loss first. Whoever loses 50lbs gets treated to a  banana split from Sonic (420 calories!!!!) by the other. I am already prepared for the amount of exercise I will have to do after I eat it that day (power walking for 2 hours), but it will be a fun challenge anyway.

It’s on Mr. Nascar… start saving your money!!!!

6 Responses

  1. […] Muscle burns calories naturally faster than fat, so this is a great thing. I am not too worried or upset. My body is re-adjusting itself for all the exercise I have been doing. (It only slightly delays my plans for a banana split purchased for me in October). […]

  2. Good for you!!!!!

    Maybe Ill give this site a try when Im ready to go back on the wagon

  3. Oh, you already started it well…
    For me, I haven’t loose weight by now…
    I need more exercise~

  4. I’m rooting for ya, Tall T. 😉

  5. HAHAHAHA Bring it!

  6. Sound good! I have been craving veggies a lot this summer, so my eating habits are changing for the better and maybe I will lose some weight too. Now if I can get my hip to stop hurting all the time I will be able to start walking every night again. We’ve had a lot of rain the last 3 weeks and my weather predictor is working quite well, just wish it didn’t hurt so bad. Good luck on the challenge!!

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