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Dieting Stats

So I started this low calorie diet thing. I have discovered this week that I take in way too much sodium. I also realized that meals I thought I was eating that were “healthy” actually were higher in calories than I anticipated.

I had a supervisor once explain Diet basics like this:

You have a certain BMR rate, the rate your body burns calories just sitting and sleeping, no activity at all. If you eat less calories than your BMR rate, than you will lose weight. If you take in more calories than your BMR rate you will gain weight.

I discovered I have been taking in 3X my BMR rate. I have not been active at all. It’s no wonder that I have been gaining weight.

My BMR as of today

My BMR as of today

With this new website I am on a 1760 calorie diet. If I exercise than the calorie count goes up.

This is what one meal at Taco Bell was costing me, and that was eating lite:

Yellow= individual calories Green= total calories

I have been getting wise real fast. I am having vegetable soup tonight instead!

This is where I am now, starting this diet.

My BMI... Obese

My BMI... Obese

On Saturday I will weigh myself again and see where I am. I will try to post some stats. I really like this diet.

My cousin Jamie inspired me to do this… She was honest enough to post her weight when she started her diet. I can be honest enough to post my before pictures…taken 5 min ago. I can’t believe I am doing this <cringe>

Before, Huge Obese Tall Chick

Stay tuned for the after...

Stay tuned for the after...

Before, Huge Obese Tall Chick

5 Responses

  1. Hey TT, its Mr Nascar. I started a blog


    look forward to blogging with you


  2. I am gonna challenge you to a weight loss challange. Visit my new blog at sce2aux for more. Good luck!

  3. You look so happy in those pics. 🙂 I’m looking forward to the after pics. :mrgreen: Um… so I can congratulate you on a job well done. 😉 You go girl.

  4. Do you know you look beautiful to me……even more so for being brave enough to show off you tummy. i am fifty and have been heavy since I had my son twenty years ago but in the last few years have lost around 18 kilos.

    Have still got around twenty to go but have to tell you that even five kilos makes a difference to your health. If you look at it as five then five then five etc anfd you will get there and you will be doing a great thing for your health in the future…these things impact you after forty….I need knee replacements and a hip replacement now!

    Will check in with you and encourage you if that is okay?

  5. You have my LEGS!!! LOL

    Good luck to you woman, I am stuck. I admire your balls, I would never ever post a pic of myself! But it doesnt look like you got the curse of the stretch marks like I did…. I will never wear a bikini again! Sigh

    I am rooting for you…… You can do it!!

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