Feeling Better

I want to thank all of my readers for their comments to yesterday’s posts. I was in a pretty deep funk. You all helped pull me out of it.

Today I discovered this great website that allows me to enter my weight, and then it calculates how many calories I need to eat each day to lose weight. Then I can enter in all the food I eat and it will tell me how many calories I have left each day to eat.

I love it, and I think it will work.

By journaling I am discovering how much food I eat!

I hope you all will notice the counter on the side of my blog. This will tell you all how much I am losing, taken right from the website.

Tonight I am enjoying my last night of not having any teenagers. Tomorrow my oldest, Ms. Artistic turns 13. I will be mom to a teen (ACK!)

On another front, my employer holds our second mortgage making this foreclosure more complicated. They seem to want to work with us to refinance the home and they are “hopeful”. If it doesn’t go through, I could lose my job if the house forecloses.

I believe God has us in his hands and whatever happens will be His will…

The best news of all, the Cat Juggler got a new job position closer to home with the same company. At least he is out from under the cloud that has been surrounding him in his current position and he can get raises again.

Keep praying, sending white light, fingers crossed, whatever works for you.


4 Responses

  1. I’m behind on my reading, but so so so happy to find you in better spirits. 🙂 Keep it up. 😉

  2. Oh hun! I am glad to hear of CatJuggler’s new job but sorry to hear about the further wrinkle in the home situation.

    May your way be smoothed.
    May it lead to a blessed place.

  3. […] My fitness Pal Thank for Tina, and I knew this website from her post. Click here […]

  4. I sign up for my own account, hope to reduce some weight with it…

    Thanks for sharing~

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