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Road Trip to NC

Ms. Artistic and Mr. Athletic are leaving for camp tomorrow. I didn’t want Baby Girl home alone all day while we are at work. I asked my sister if she would allow Baby Girl to go visit her house for a week. Baby Girl has been missing her baby cousins and I couldn’t think of a better place for her to be to get her mind off her health issues.

They live nearly 5 hours away so we decided it would be fun to meet half way and then head back to our respective homes. My mom rode with me and it turned out to be so much fun!!!

Tropical Storm Cristobal is churning out directly east from the area where we traveled so we got to see some really cool puffy clouds in the sky as a result. I almost wished Photo Friday for clouds was next week because I got some amazing cloud shots. My sister and I managed to do a fun Photo Friday this coming week for Forbidden Photos. I can’t wait for you all to see.

Here are some photos from our road trip and the clouds in the sky.

Here comes the sun

Here comes the sun

My mom actually took this photo through my sunroof in my car on the way home. It is my favorite.


This one reminded me of the silver lining ones Spatulahandle took.


This one looks like the ocean


This one reminded me of lace or a crochet pattern

Once we got there Ms. Pinky, my year old niece held her arms out for me to pick her up. Once I picked her up she laid her head on my chest like it was where she wanted to be forever. I had to choke down the tears. I didn’t even get to get my camera out for a picture I was so overcome with emotion.

Later I gave her a hamster ball which she LOVED!!!! She was walking around the restaurant showing it to everyone. Here is her reaction to the ball:


Ms. Pinky Loves her hamster ball!

My nephew, Mr. AC/DC took a little while to warm up. He is just over 2 yrs old and getting that shy streak in him… He is such a cutie and LOVES getting his picture taken. Here is my favorite boys in the whole world:


My favorite boys!

Finally, I have to show you the picture of my sister and I… I am so lucky to have such a great sister:



My sister is 5’6…. now you know why I am called “Tall T”

*********** Special Note to Baby Girl *************

I hope your having a blast there with the babies, helping them play with all their toys. I miss your helping me find things around the house. I have had several instances where your brother wanted something and I told him to call you to see if you knew where it was. Then he found whatever he was looking for.

I want you to have lots of fun and don’t worry too much about me. I am OK as long as I know your in good hands. My heart is calm and not at all like I was when you were with your dad. Your in the best hands there.

Call me tomorrow and let me know how your doing. Remember to sit and take it easy when you get tired. Don’t overdo it or you won’t be able to do much later. Give the babies a hug and kiss from me every day.

Talk to you tomorrow sweetheart.


7 Responses

  1. What a great idea to let Baby Girl go and hang with her cousins while her siblings are off on their own adventures. I hope all 3 of them have a wonderful time!


  2. Great pics and your mom’s was my favorite too. It came out really cool. 🙂 Sounds like a wonderful little visit.

  3. Thanks for the “Hint”

  4. hey t can i keep her. mr ac/dc fell a sleep on the way home he woke up with a big smile on his face. this morning he was sleeping by her.

    and ms pinky loves playing with her too. she is so good with the kids. she went to foodlion on corby bike she had so much fun.

    I love the pic of the clouds

    I will trade Ms. Pinky for her…Just kidding. I MISS her!!!

  5. hey this is baby girl i wil call you about 1 i dont at to bother you at church cool pics well got to go sam is calling me luv ya bye

  6. The cloud pics are superb! And I can’t wait to see your forbidden photos post – roll on Friday!

    I love to see your family photos – you have such a close loving family. I love all their nick-names too! it’s a lovely way of keeping privacy and yet being able to talk about then. I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to adopt this idea – especially for when I’m blogging about my beautiful little grand-children. It makes so much sense …. thank you!

    PS: There’s a much deserved award for you over at my blog!

    I got the idea from the two witches blog, and decided to adopt it to keep the kids private… I usually forget and have to read through the post to be sure I used the nickname and not the regular name.

  7. Those cloud pictures are beautiful…I haven’t figured out where to take a forbidden photo yet, I am totally clueless on this one.
    The little ones are so cute! I hope all of your kids have a blast this week…and I am going to personally remove the windshield wipers off of HUBBY’S car if he doesn’t get a nut for my wiper…we are supposed to have more storms this week.

    *** HINT **** It is forbidden to take photos in any retail establishment…

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