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Family Update

I have been promising a few updates on our family. Today Baby Girl had another appointment. She has no active (malignant) tumors YAY!. That is always fantastic news. She goes back October 21 (the Cat Juggler’s birthday, also 2 years after getting diagnosed).

While the kids were in Pensacola with their father, I decided to teach myself to crochet. My mom and my grandmother have always crocheted, and they have tried countless times to teach me. I just always got frustrated. I also like lacier things, and they like to crochet tight things.

I finally sat down, with instructions, and made a purse. Then I moved on to a few other small things. I recently made my girls Halter tops. You can find the pattern here. It was real simple. I added a few touches, I cross stitched a butterfly onto Baby Girl’s halter top:

Here is the back:

I loved how it turned out, so I made one for Ms. Artistic. She wanted a skull and crossbones on the front of hers (not like crocheting my grandma always did!). I figured out how to add it directly into the stitching pattern. I also added some fringe because she was self conscious about her tummy being out. I love love love the effect.

Here is the back:

The girls seem to really love their new halter tops.

Now I am starting an afghan. I am using Chris Simon’s Birthday Flower pattern. I love the sunflower look. It will be a light throw for summer. I have one square done, now 35 to go. Here is a photo of my square (no laughing).

We are also looking for a place to move to. The inevitable has happened and our home has gone to foreclosure. We really need some prayers, white light, thoughts, advice, whatever you got for us. I am not as upset as I expected to be. I am looking forward to a fresh start credit wise. We just could no longer afford this home, and became house poor. It will be nice to not have this worry anymore.

On a good note, Make-a-Wish foundation called and they are trying to get Baby Girl a wish trip. The doctor filled out the paperwork they need. They will let us know if she qualifies. Baby Girl has been thinking about going on a Disney Cruise or Disney world. Her siblings and I will be allowed to go with her.Ā  I will keep you all updated.

The church is going to be doing a benefit spaghetti dinner for our family and 3 other families battling cancer. 2 of those families are children with cancer (Elena and Kristen). The third family is a single mom of three batteling colon cancer. Because the church is doing this, the local paper interviewed Baby Girl. They came with us to her CT scan. That will run the first week of August. I plan to post it on this website, but I will do it as a password protected post since her last name will be in it. Please leave a comment if you want the password when the article comes out.

The Cat Juggler may be getting a different job at a new location, with the same company. This will be so good for him and for all of us. It will allow him the opportunity to get raises again after being asked to step down or get fired when Baby Girl got sick. I am really excited. His interview is on Monday but everyone is acting like it is done deal at his job. YAY! A way for us to move past all this.

We are feeling lots of love, support, and blessings in so many ways despite losing our home. I remain thankful daily for the goodness we are experiencing. One lady from church told me that no matter what happens with our home, it doesn’t make me a bad person. Those were words I needed to hear and keeps my head high through all of this. She will never know how much those words blessed me.

10 Responses

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  2. I’m so happy that you got good news for Ambriel šŸ™‚ What a blessing.

    The halter tops are too cute. When you decide to sit down and learn something, you go all out don’t you?

    I’m sorry about your house but I’m glad you can see through to the positive….a fresh start. These are awful, awful times for people financially and this happens to hundreds of people everyday. That doesn’t make anyone a bad person, just a person in a bad situation. Things will get better šŸ™‚

  3. P.S. And I am so pleased that Baby Girl’s test came back with good news … she is often in my thoughts, as are you all

  4. What can I say hun. Here’s hoping that the negative of losing your home will turn into a wonderful fresh start and new beginning.

    The tops are great!!! the girls look gorgeous in them!!

    Be well hun
    Be blessed

  5. I love those halters you knitted for the girls they look great on them. see you soon

  6. Good new, crocheting, bad news and then more good news. Never a dull moment over there. You guys are an amazing family unit and will pull through all of this better than before. Hang in there guys. The wife and I are totally amazed with your crocheted tops. Too cool. šŸ™‚

  7. Tina,

    Where to start! I love those crochet tops – you are a wonderful mom – and talented too.

    Please don’t ever think that having money problems and losing your home makes you a bad person. It can happen to anyone – rich, poor, successful, clever, ill, kind – all sorts of people get this type of bad luck. So many people are feeling the credit crunch at the moment. Sadly, I suspect you you won’t be the last to find yourself in this position.

    I can really understand where you’re coming from when you say: “We just could no longer afford this home, and became house poor. It will be nice to not have this worry anymore” – at the end of the day as long as you have a roof over your head, and are together an healthy – it doesn’t matter really.

    There is nothing worse than struggling to maintain a lifestyle that you can no longer afford – I’ve been there. Your real friends won’t judge you. They’ll be proud of the way you’re coping. I’m proud of you.

    I’m sending you my hugs and prayers.

    It’s good news re Ambriel – do let me have the password please.

  8. Hi,
    I was so happy to hear Baby Girl’s voice on the phone this morning and the news she gave me was even better! Thank you for calling me.

    The tops you made are cute…though Ms. Artistic doesn’t look to happy in the picture…Congratulations on teaching yourself to crochet! I love the Sunflower pattern too…Sunflowers are my favorite!

    It is nice that the church is doing something to help the families in the church with cancer. My dad’s high school classmates and a few of our friends and family (in Arizona) got stuff together to have a yard sale to raise money for my mom and dad to help them out when things got rough for them…it left us all speechless.

    Things will work out for you all, the most important thing is you are all together. Love you very much!

  9. I crocheted them…. I used one hook, not two needles lol.

  10. I love you. I love those halters you knitted for the girls.

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