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Cancer in the News- Michael Turner

I am not a comic book fan. I had never ever heard of Micheal Turner, a comic book artist before June 27th. He is famous. Turner created online adaptations for the NBC hit “Heroes“. He had pure talent.

I found out who Michael Turner was because he died… at age 37, of chondrosarcoma…in his right pelvis…exactly the same type of cancer and same exact place as my daughter Baby Girl.

I have a google alert which tells me whenever the word “chondrosarcoma” is mentioned in a news article and last week it blew up when Michael Turner died. As I read more and more of his talent and his journey my heart sank deeper and deeper. I debated about writing about him, but I had to.

While much of the articles I have read hail his talent, I want to tell you about his cancer journey. Michael was diagnosed with Chondrosarcoma in 2000. He was treated at UCLA Medical Center and he lost a hip, 40% of his pelvis, and 3lbs of bone.

He continued living for 8 years. However, the illness hindered his ability to do the labor-intensive sequential art required of comic-book storytelling and was one reason he turned to drawing covers. In an article that I read it said that he would sign autographs, even from his wheelchair.

Below is some art which he created:

There are many others… do a Google Image Search.

Chondrosarcoma has robbed us all of yet another talented warrior.

3 Responses

  1. You’re doing a wonderful job of bringing this topic to light. I’m familiar with his art work, but was oblivious to his passing. Living in a truck, much of the going on in the world pass me by without a notice. 😐 Thank you for sharing.

  2. I just pass an award to you…
    go to my website to claim it…

    Let’s work for better future~

  3. I can understand why this story would dash your heart. I cant even imagine your fear levels when it comes to Baby Girl.

    Know that she is often in my thoughts!!!

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