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Photo Meme

I found this cool meme on the web and so I am going to totally steal it. The rules are simple. Answer each question, plug your answer into Google Image Search, and pick a picture from the first page of images from your search results.

1. Your age on your next birthday.

(Halftime Celtics 44, Cavs 36)

2. A place you’d like to travel.

(Holland Bike Tour)

3. Your favorite place.

(Tucson Arizona)

4. Your favorite object.

(Glass of water)

5. Your favorite food.


6. Your favorite animal.


7. Your favorite color.

8. The town where you were born.

(Tucson AZ)

9. The town where you live.

(Spotsylvania VA)
10. Name of a past pet.
11. Name of a past love.

(We’ll leave this one blank.)
12. Best friend’s nickname.
13. Your screen name. (I SWEAR this popped up)

14. Your first name.
15. Your middle name.

(We share the same middle name…ugh)

16. Your last name.

17. Bad habit of yours.
(Popping Gum)
18. Your first job.
(Pizza Pizza)
19. Name of grandmother.

(Maritha OR Viola)
20. College/grad major(s.)

(Elementary Education)

2 Responses

  1. That was a fun one. 😉

  2. Very beautiful post. Esp the screen name picture is perfect.

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