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Airport Blues

Last week I told you all about the kids going with their dad (the monster) to Pensacola. He has a job with the airlines and so they flew out there on standby. He assured me that all the flights looked good and he didn’t anticipate any problems. They made all their flights out there and arrived Friday afternoon. They spent Saturday on the beach, then were planning to fly back home yesterday.

I figured the flying was going to be part of the fun, but like the rest of you I was left scratching my head wondering what in the world he was thinking to do that for just one day on the beach.

They were supposed to leave yesterday morning, but were bumped. They only had 3 flights out to Charlotte where were going to transfer to DC. The second flight left 6 hours later. I told the monster to get a taxi or something and get the kids out of the airport for those 6 hours. He decided to leave the kids in the airport for those 6 hours. Then they got bumped again.

I was livid. I had a serious meltdown. The kids had been in a rinky dink airport with only 2 gift shops and 1 restaurant and no Television from 9:30 am until 6pm and no chance of getting another flight out until 9pm. They are good kids and entertained themselves by playing cards the whole time.

They made that last flight, but weren’t sure if they would be able to make the connecting flight out to DC. Luckily, that flight was delayed by 4 hours so another 2 hours later they left Charlotte (at 12 am). The kids had been in airplanes or airport for 15 hours when they left. They called us and we realized they had rode the Metro to the airport and by the time they would arrive at Washington National at 2 am the Metro would not be running anymore.

We decided to drive the 2 hours to the airport to pick them up and take the monster to his car and take the kids home. They were exhausted and bored. On the way to the monsters car, Caleb informed me that the monster had not fed them anything but snacks all day.

I questioned their dad and come to find out, he had not anticipated having to feed the kids on Sunday. He had run out of money. I went off on him in a way that I haven’t been able to before. My husband by my side, I tore into him about not taking responsibility for his kids. He threatned, in front of the kids, that he wasn’t going to pay any more child support. My husband kinda set him straight on that one. It wasn’t pretty but I sure got a lot of stress out.

After dropping their dad off at 2:30am we took the kids to an IHop and got them some dinner. It was then that baby girl broke down and said that her dad made her keep track of how much money he had. He told her it was her job to make sure he didn’t spend more than he had to. He even made her call his credit card company to keep track of what transactions had cleared and what hadn’t! She is 11 years old!!!!!!!

We got home at 4am when I had to go to work at 5am. Needless to say I had to call in. I am still seeing red I am so angry. Caleb actually thanked me for yelling at him last night. He said that he was getting so tired of hearing his dad complain about his life ( He was doing that last night and I told him to grow up and quit complaining, we all have problems).

I have sole custody, so I can decide when he sees the kids and every fiber of my being wants to pull that visitation away… but I know that I have to allow my kids to have some relationship with their father. What do you think I should do? One thing for sure, I may just rent the movie The Terminal for laughs.


6 Responses

  1. […] the kids were in Pensacola with their father, I decided to teach myself to crochet. My mom and my grandmother have always crocheted, and they […]

  2. I’d limit the visits to day trips in town, and I would make this very clear to him with my big stick with a nail in it. 😉

  3. I wouldn’t let the kids fly on standby anymore. That was horrible for the kids. And I would make sure that he has enough money to get the kids food and lodging for them before I let him go away with the kids again.

    There are many fun places he can take them around DC and our area. Why couldn’t he just take them to the beach like ocean city or something.

    I think the next time he takes the kids I think you and him should sit down and talk, with hubby as well. And make sure he has enough funds to cover going to the beach and lodging or whatever he is doing.

    Or don’t do anymore.; If you have sole custody then you can have control of that situation.

    love you

  4. I am beyond words! I cannot believe that anyone would be so irresponcible and frankly callous with children, never mind THEIR OWN children.

    I am glad that everyone is safe and sound. I am sorry for your exhaustion and stress.

    As for what to do, I don;t know. But I agree with Spatula that I wouldn’t let him take the kids any significant distance away from you again.

  5. And the monster thinks I’m a stupid person?

    You have gone A LOT further than I could have gone with him TT. I cant tell you what to do about the monster seeing the kids but I would suggest that you have a well organized back-up plan the next time he takes them out like that. I think you are dealing with a 5 year old so plan accordingly.

    You should have made huim walk to his car!

  6. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! I wouldn’t let him take the kids out that far away from you ever again…I don’t know what else to say…What was he thinking? Poor kids! I’ll write you later on your email, I can’t say what I’d like to on here… Glad the kids are ok…

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