Hula Hooping and update on Mr. Athletic

Here is the youtube video of Ms. Artistic…She wonders why the boys kept staring at her when she was doing this…

Mr. Athletic went to the doctor today. He has poison ivy on his face again. He got a shot of steroids in the butt and hopefully that will clear him up. This is what he looked like this morning when he woke up:

He is feeling better tonight… He can open his eye again.

Thanks for all the well wishes!


10 Responses

  1. AWESOME! very fun. Our neighborkid got into some Poison Ivy last week of school and look about the same. goodness, hope he feels better soon.

  2. TAG! Your It! I got tagged to write a 6 word memoir and now I am tagging you…

  3. Mr. A must be extra sensitive to poison ivy, or just needs a good lesson on what to look out for. 😐 Poor bugger, again.

    I used to be able to move-it move-it when I was little, but once around is about it for me too now days. Oh well, not like it would be a big bragging point if I was a hula hoop champion. 😛 If I was lucky that would get me pointed and laughed at, and if unlucky… I’d probably get my ass kicked. 😛 HA!

  4. ms artistic that was great hooping. i go to k-mart and show mr acdc and ms pinky the hula-hooping and thay just look at me funny.

    ok mr athletic i feel so bad for you. i had it once. i hope i will never get it agan. you are just like your grandpa carpenter. if he even see it he get it.

    i hope you feel better soon

    Hey Mrs. Nascar! I changed the kids names on “Meet the Characters” page. I like them better. I tried it too, I got one hoop around once… then it fell to my feet

  5. I tried hula hooping after that and never was able to do it again…I think I was on a lucky streak that night. It was fun while it lasted.

    Spatulahandle = Lucky

  6. I cant imagine why the boys would want to watch Ms Artistic hula-hooping. LOL You guys are in BIG trouble in a couple of years, she’s gonna be gorgeous!

    I feel so bad for Mr. Athletic, Im glad he can at least open his eyes now. I can only hope hes feeling a little better

    I have the chains firmly in place around her knees…. I swallowed the key too. Seriously though, she only likes older boys now because middle school boys are “stupid”. I hope she stays as shy as she is now…

  7. The song really pepped me up. I hope Mr. Artistic is doing better now.

    That song always peps me up

  8. Ouch! Poor Mr Athletic – I’m glad he’s beginning to feel better again.

    That’s some cool hula hooping!

    I am glad you enjoyed it =)

  9. I love the video of Ms. Artistic…my kids love that song. Did you know I won a hula hoop contest once? I think I was 12 or 13…It was at one of my dads car shows. I won a slinky and was very excited, because that was the first time I’d ever picked up a hula hoop.
    That is awesome. Did you hula hoop again? I tried… I wasn’t very good anymore

  10. Poison Ivy again? Does he have radar for it or what? Poor guy looks miserable. Tell him we’re thinking about him.
    Our yard, neighbors yard, and neighborhood is packed with poison ivy. I think he is getting it when he is getting balls that roll into poison ivy. Then he wipes sweat from his face. In any case… he looks awful.

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