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Camping Fun

Well, I am back from camping. We are all happy and relaxed. We had a great time. I brought my mom with me because the Cat Juggler had to work. I missed him much. I got familiar with my camera, and had camera fun.

Mr. Athletic got a severe allergic reaction to something and woke up with his eyes swollen shut Saturday and Sunday. He felt sick and down for most of the trip, but managed to play sports which he loves. We take him to the doctor tomorrow.

Baby Girl felt sick for most of the trip too. Last night she was playing dodge ball indoors and split her big toe open on a radio. I think it will be ok.

Ms. Artistic discovered her love of hula hooping. I may change her nickname to Hula Hoop Queen because there is a Ms. Artistic in the blogosphere world already.

Here are some photos below and a youtube video of the Hula Hoop queen:

4 Responses

  1. It was fun watching the pics. Esp I loved the ‘funny faces’ pictures . Ms. Artistic is actually very artistic :p It looked like you had an excellent break 🙂

  2. No no no I wont accept any name changes … mine is a Miss and yours is a Ms. easy enough to keep straight!!!

    Sorry to hear about Baby Girl’s toe and Mr. Athletic’s allergic reaction. Hope everyone is feeling better today.

    Glad you had a good time and I am sorry (as always it seems) to read that CatJuggler had to miss the fun.

    Be well
    Be Blessed

    Thanks Mama, looks like you had fun too on your getaway. Hope your Miss Artistic is doing well

  3. I sure hope Mr Athletic feels better too.

    Looks like you had a great time – the pics are lovely! I particularly like the dancing ones!

    We had a blast!!! I love the fast shutter feature on the camera… I have been playing with it too much!

  4. It looks like you all had a lot of fun…hope Mr. Athletic feels better.

    Dr. says it is poison ivy again…. he got a shot in the butt. Cat Juggler made him walk all over the yard and show him poison ivy…he was able to identify all of it, we just got to keep him out of it lol.

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