Photo Friday- 06/13/2008


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Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: Unlucky

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So today is Friday the 13th, typically considered a very unlucky day. As a child I was very spooked by Friday the 13th when it came around. Then I saw this movie called Saturday the 14th…. it quickly became my favorite movie ever. It is a great horror comedy spoof that ran on HBO. If you haven’t seen it yet, you must:

Have you ever had one of those days when you have a million things to get done and no time to stop? May 17th was that kind of day for me. In the morning my son had a baseball game. We came home for a half hour for him to change clothes, eat lunch, pack the car, and go to my daughter’s softball practice. As soon as we left there we were planning to go to Relay for Life to start setting our stuff up.

We had no time to stop for anything….

But that is when life comes along.

I was sitting at my daughter’s softball game reading a book, my son was out of the car practicing his pitching at a fence. I was getting thirsty so I decided to call the Cat Juggler to ask him if I could go to a convience store to get something to drink (our money is that tight…sad huh?). I left him a message and during the message my son walked to my car and said:

Uh mom…. we have a problem…

Anytime your child says those words you know without even looking that something pretty bad has happened. It wasn’t different this time.

There Mr. Athletic stood….with mud all over his shirt and shorts. Not just really wet mud either. It was the kind of mud that clay is made from…that sticky peanut butter consistency mud. Poop looking mud. Really really really disgusting mud.

I hung up the phone, told another parent who was laughing in her car that I would be back in a bit and to keep watch of my girls and took Mr. Athletic home. After he spread his peanut butter mud all over my cloth front seat of my car, I took a picture of him before he washed himself off:

Boys are funner than puppies… I swear.


8 Responses

  1. Great Pic. i can’t view the first pic either. Mr. Athletic has to be Lucky – especially since he’s wearing a Red Skins tee-shirt. Yeah I’m a Red Skins Fan-atic! He’s too cute! (Or should I say handsome – he’s at that age when they don’t appreciate being cute – although he is) Thanks for sharing such joys with us. And thanks for the smile. BTW, love your photo friday sidebar. I hope you don’t mind if I borrow it. Peace, Light, Love and of course luck! to you and yours. . . CordieB.

    Redskins are the best!!! I hope they have a better season this year. R.I.P Sean Taylor!

  2. Ya, you would want pictures of that…I was thinking video camera….I could have won a million dollars with that video.
    Why can’t you live closer?

  3. But he looks so adorable with all that mud! You can really give hug to him from my side 🙂
    Ugh… he looks like a happy lil piggy lol

  4. Been there, done that, as an adult, pretty much like SpatulaHandle, but without the sprained ankle, and it happened to me in the winter. I was pretty sure I broke my arm at the time, but turns out I just banged it up pretty bad. I wish I had a pic of the aftermath. I keep having the urge to pull a Crocodile Dundee on you with “that’s not muddy, THIS IS MUDDDY!”. Girls are such sissies when it comes to mud. 😉 Nice pic.
    lol you would look cute in a mud bath PP

  5. He looks so proud of himself! But that doesn’t look TOO bad. Such things are why I always carry a towel in my car!

    note to self…carry towel….

  6. Great pic of Mr Atheletic Tina! Don’t you just love ’em at that age?

    WordPress isn’t showing the first pic you inserted for some reason – it does this on my blog to sometimes – so I’ll pop back later and see if it’s appeared!

    Have a great and LUCKY Friday the 13th!

    The first “pic” is actually a youtube video….do you have flash installed on your computer? I know at work I can not see youtube video’s either and they appear as blank…. they don’t have flash installed so people can’t look at them

  7. Tell him not to be too embarrassed… Last summer I slipped in the mud in the garden and landed on my back side( and sprained my ankle). No one was there to watch, but you know those cartoon charachters that the legs go spinning out from under them…well that was me….it was pretty funny and the mud cooled me off. Now know why pigs roll in the mud…He, he,he,he! Seriously though, my ankle really hurt afterwards.

    I am sorry you got hurt…but every inch of me is wishing I had a camera there to capture THAT moment….

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