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Kids say the funniest things…

Mr. Athletic has a girlfriend, Little Miss Spelling Bee. She got her nickname because she won her schools Spelling bee. She has long, flowing blonde hair and a cute button nose. She is adorable.

At 10, having a girlfriend means that you can talk to that girl without anyone making fun of you.

We have been teasing Mr. Athletic for a while about kissing Little Miss Spelling Bee. He has only replied that he is only old enough to hold her hand.

Last night at the dinner table I was teasing him again. I asked if he has held her hand yet.

His reply?

I don’t have time for that mom!

I didn’t realize men started so young with that excuse!

2 Responses

  1. Careful, he’ll find the time soon enough. 😉
    no kidding… that day I am not looking forward to either!

  2. Aren’t they just so cute when they get a girlfriend…Andrew had a girl hand Matthew a note with a phone number and as soon as Andrew got home he called her and made arrangements for her to come over. They spent most of the day playing cars under the tree and climbing the tree…the really nice thing was they happily included Matthew and Karalyn in their activities. She is a very sweet girl.

    Ahhh… first love is so sweet.

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