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And everyone is left grieving….

Since my daughter Baby Girl was diagnosed with bone cancer nearly two years ago, I have had so many people contact me about other children with cancer. This is a bit strange for me especially since I am barely able to handle my own daughter’s health. I often wonder if they tell me about them because I can relate or because they don’t know what else to do…. Whatever the case, I usually subscribe to their webpage for family and friends, post comments, and spend countless hours in my day praying desperately for them, for their family, and for their siblings especially.

This week has been particularly difficult.

The world said good-bye to a little warrior who has fought harder than anyone I know.

Nathaniel (or ‘Thaniel as his family calls him) was introduced to me by my Uncle and Aunt in Canada where ‘Thaniel lives. He was 1 1/2 years old when he was diagnosed with ATRT –atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor a malignant brain tumor. I met him and his family through their daily blog on the the CarePages website. Their strength in God and closeness as a family immediately drew me in. I felt especially called to pray for older brother Japeth.

Nathaniel went through surgery, and a few rounds of chemo before he suffered a seizure which made him unresponsive. Through it all his parents turned to God over and over for strength and wisdom.

Nathaniel went to Jesus on June 3, 2008, leaving a grieving brother and parents who “just want ‘Thaniel”. I continue to pray for this family who is feeling so much pain and loss…. They buried him yesterday. I have never met the family in person, yet my heart grieves deeply for their loss.

Here is a photo of the boys. Japeth shaved his head in support of his baby brother.

Another warrior, perhaps not so young, died before his time. His life also stolen from cancer. He is my Aunt’s brother (on a side note, this same Aunt also has lost a sister and her husband, my Uncle, to cancer.) My cousin, his niece, wrote a beautiful post about him here. O. K. Harris was an inspirational artist with his own studio in Albuqurque NM called “Art is OK“. He made art from scrap metal and wielded them into beautiful animals and other southwestern shapes. I remember when he first was recognized as an artist with a display at a local art studio and his whole family was so proud. We were all amazed that people were paying thousands of dollars for his artwork.

One day, shortly before I was married to my first husband, we went to a department store in Arizona and there was a gorgeous metal horse on display with his name on a placard. I was so proud because I “knew” the artist.

O.K. Harris was diagnosed with Stage 4 Multiple Myeloma just a few weeks ago. He died only two days ago, leaving behind many who grieve the loss of an amazing artist who still had many works of art to complete. His children especially are grieving.

Here is a photo of him with some of his works of art:

As if this were not enough, there are now two other children at my church fighting cancer besides my daughter.

Elena is doing OK but dealing with being a teenager and in addition to that, battling Ewings Sarcoma, a close similarity to Chondrosarcoma which Baby Girl had. She is going through the typical teenage angst that many have gone through. She is mad because she can’t swim, she can’t hang out with her friends, or do the things she wants to do because she could get an infection which could kill her. She has lost most of her hair and is just plain angry, with every right to be. Please remember Elena. This is a photo of Elena:

Finally, Kristen, a 2 yr old at our church was diagnosed with Leukemia on May 8. She is undergoing chemo at this time. This weekend we had a scare when she was rushed to the hospital and put in ICU for a spiked fever. Kristen is doing better now and responding well from the last I heard. Every time a child gets sick like this my heart goes into my throat.

Most of her siblings attend school with Mr. Athletic, they live nearby. Please remember Kristen.

There are times I really hate cancer. I really hate it this week. I wish there was more I could do to stop this tragedy from taking so many good people in this world.


8 Responses

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  2. Today, I clicked on “tag surfer” and was directed toward this post. I hate cancer.

    I went and read your Baby Girl’s story though… and I’m glad to see that she beat her cancer. That was a beautiful video you posted!

  3. It is so painful to watch and know about so much suffering. I have to admit it is why I don’t very often visit “care pages” and I didn’t join a self help group myself (other than online).

    You see you can pretty well guarantee that some of the people you get to know via these groups, and bond with, will die.Some how I thought an online group would be easier to handle – but it isn’t really. I’ve cried buckets over members of the CS group who have died – since I joined.

    There is no easy answer to suffering – we can only offer our caring, our support and prayers and our hope …

    I’ll pray for those you mention. Life can be so cruel at times.

  4. Oh honey. I am so sorry to hear of so much grief in your life and so much suffering close to home.

    Be well
    Be blessed


  5. Thank you…Love you! I will keep these kids in my prayers.

  6. I dont know what to say other than thank you for sharing these people with us.

  7. It’s really disturbing to see people going through so much. My prayers are always with them.God Bless!

  8. It breaks my heart to read such stories, but awareness is so important. I’ve lost two relatives to cancer myself, not to mention a large portion of my dad’s left lung. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Take care.

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