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Photo Friday 05/30/2008


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Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: Phantasmagoria

You can view other participants entries at:

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Curious C

Cordie B

This week’s topic Phantasmagoria is a word I have never before heard. I had to look it up several times and I still struggled with it’s definition. Here is how Dictionary.com defined it:


1.a shifting series of phantasms, illusions, or deceptive appearances, as in a dream or as created by the imagination.

2.a changing scene made up of many elements.

3.an optical illusion produced by a magic lantern or the like in which figures increase or diminish in size, pass into each other, dissolve, etc.

Going with that little bit of information I decided to go with the first meaning. I started looking for my photos and found some which may represent something I would see in a dream (or nightmare). The first one I came across was one I took Easter morning of the kids. Things may not seem as they appear. Notice the hand behind Baby Girl’s head like it is about to grab her. Also notice the spooky look on Mr. Atheletic’s face.

I came across another photo which I took about two years ago. Ms. Artistic has this great talent of making her eyes disappear. This photo is not photoshopped, but something you would think to see in your nightmare:

Then there was this time that I dreamed about my son Mr. Atheletic turning into a cat:

This is one of the coolest photos I think I have ever taken, and was the reason I went looking through these old photos. One day while I was driving to work, I wanted to take a picture of the beautiful sunrise. I snapped a picture of some trees, and this is what the result was…

It looks like I caught some type of ghost or “other being” on film trying to escape.

So I know its not the best display of Phantasmagoria, but it is something right?

Stay tuned next week for :

Friday 6th June : Title by Author: Diptychs

(or Triptychs if you prefer to use 3 images)

9 Responses

  1. All pretty cool pics, but one and two are my faves. 🙂

  2. All are good; especially loved the ghostly one!

  3. I forgot to add, my Photo Fridays will be here from now on out. http://cordiebpics.wordpress.com/2008/05/31/photo-friday-phantasmagoria/

    For picture purposes – I started a photo blog.

    I have udated my link to your page… Much better layout for photos there

  4. Those are really cool pics. That last one really looks quite ghost-like. Your daughter’s eyes look really scary – I could never do that trick! Thanks for sharing and taking the time to do your phantasmoria! It was a challenge for me too! I still think the word is cool – but I’ll never think of phantasmagoria quite the same – ever!

    Peace, Light and Love,

    Cordie, you picked a great topic and I love topics where I can learn!!! Your pics are amazing!

  5. I immediately got the chills when I saw the last photo….ewwwwwwwww…that’s cool!

    Sure made me get chills too when I saw it on the camera!

  6. Great collection. The disappearing eyeballs thing? That’s just creeeeepy! 🙂 And I really like that ghostly tree picture. I think it’s quite phantasmagorical, actually! 🙂

    The first time she did the disappearing eyeball trick I about fell out of my chair and wanted to vomit

  7. A fabulous collection of photos to represent Phantasmagoria! I love them all but the first one of all 3 children is really fun – Mr Atheletic’s expression is sooo cute! And the cat one – gorgeous!

    Puts mine in the shade!!!!

    naw… Alice in Wonderland photo is great and really lends to the imagination on your blog

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