Beautiful Memorable Day

Yesterday was my Birthday. It was a wonderfully memorable day. My husband woke me up to give me a beautiful card around midnight.

I spent the morning sleeping in. Then my husband took me out for brunch in the morning. We spent the afternoon with my Aunt and Uncle and their adorable grandkids.

Kids these days ignore adults and don’t really care for visiting with them. These kids were excited to see me, knew my name, and were so fun to talk to. There was never a time that one of them wasn’t sitting in one of the chairs listening to the adults and adding their own spin on things. It was such a blast.

When we got home in the evening we were both pretty wiped out. We sat for about an hour than we decided to go “window shopping” at a local store. It was pretty bad, the store was a mess and it wasn’t clean at all. We decided to go see a movie, but the last movie played at 7pm. I asked my husband if we could go eat at Taco Bell.

We drove up through the Taco Bell and were mildly surprised to see an articulate white man taking our orders in the drive through. Then we decided to go super trashy and eat my fabulous birthday Taco Bell dinner in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart. Afterwards we went “window shopping” at the Wal-Mart. (The best part was this Wal-Mart had a metro transit bus stop in the front of it lol!)

When we got home I was ready to pass out. I still don’t remember crawling up the steps. Sometime through the night a storm blew in. The thunder shook the whole house. It was crazy.

Today we are going to see a light house and spend some more time with relatives up in that area.

I promise to continue the domestic violence series later this week.


4 Responses

  1. Happy belated birthday!!! Sounds like a wonderful day!

  2. Happy belated birthday to you. It sounds like you had a nice one 🙂

    It was one of my favorites, that is for sure!

  3. Happy belated birthday. 🙂

    Thanks PP! I think you wished me a Happy Birthday much earlier in the year


    It sounds like you had a real fun time. The best times are always like this – spontaneous, with family and fiends and not necessarily expensive.

    It’s my husband’s birthday on Thursday – I’m taking him on a 3 hour boat trip around the Jurrasic coastline (if the weather is OK!) with a picnic lunch to eat on the boat. Oh happy days!

    You must both be Gemini? (P and you!)

    Happy Birthday to P as well… wonder if we are the Gemini Twins?

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