Photo Friday 05/23/2008


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Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: Emotions

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I looked high and low for a decent photo for today’s post. The topic is emotion and it seems the best emotion I can capture is happiness, joy, the usual “smile”. I wanted something different for this post. I started looking through pictures.

This past fall the kids and I went to a family weekend in the mountains. It was a nice getaway and during the trip we decided to eat out at a local Mexican Restaurant. Mr. Atheletic, my 10 yr old son decided he would like to try the hot sauce that was sitting on the table.

I did warn him. Mr. Athletic loves all the attention he can get, and this day was no different. He decided to mix both the green and the red Habanero sauce. Then he decided to dip his french fries into the sauce. Below is the emotion he expressed all over his face:

Here is another photo before we gave him ginger ale to drink to get the hot out of his mouth.

If I were to put a name on this emotion, I guess it would be pain, but I sure get a giggle every time I see these photos.

Stay tuned for the following titles when I learn some new words… still trying to figure them out lol.

Friday 30th May : Title by CordieB: Phantasmagoria

Friday 6th June : Title by Author: Diptychs

(or Triptychs if you prefer to use 3 images)


11 Responses

  1. Great photos and some great comments too. Especially SpatulaHandle’s. 😛 HA! I had a great laugh at Mr. Athletic’s expense. Tell him I said thanks. 😉

    He grinned and said “no problem”

  2. Very funny! Poor kid learned the hard way…remember when your brother was eating jalepenos and went to the bathroom before he washed his hands? Remember how hard we laughed…those would have been some funny pictures too!

    I thought of that every time I see this photo. I was telling my class this very story just the other day lol

  3. Too funny! I mean, once you get past the pain of it, it’s funny! 🙂 Love the hair, too…

    Mine’s FINALLY up.

    I am a week late responding to this… I am going to miss you while your away!

  4. This is why I love dutch people. They’ll try anything twice. This same little boy insisted on *trying* one of grandma’s jalapeño peppers that he found languishing in her apple basket.

    This incident, unfortunately, was not caught on film.

    I still wish I had been there to see it too!

  5. Family weekend vacation in the mountains – $520.00

    Family dining in the local Mexican restaurant – $36.50

    Ten-year-old, Mr. Athletic, eating mexican HOT green and red Habanero sauce – $ PRICELESS!

    Great photos – brought joy to me. Thanks for sharing!

    Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

    LOL!!! My favorite is his nearly purple face on the second photo

  6. […] gives tribute to her beautiful friend. Tall Chick gives us a tale to laugh with. Julie’s  “But I Just Don’t WANNA!” at Just […]

  7. This is great!!! I love it! I can almost taste the sauce myself! Thanks for the photos!

    :mrgreen: your welcome! I love your photos too!

  8. COLORS! Very fun. This is definitely a week when we need to know the stories to the photos. (I love the orange hair!)

    Well, we were in a fall festival parade right before this photo was taken. Mr. Atheletic had orange hair spray put in his hair. It added to the whole photo

  9. Great fun photos! What a scream! He’s at that kind of age when he wants to experiment, isn’t he? (Love the hair colour too !!!)

    The photo reminds me of how when my own boys were the same age – they would do similiar crazy things that would make me laugh.

    I suppose experimenting is how they find out, form their opinons – after all who’s to say they won’t make a fantastic discovery? He might have invented a new and unique blend of Habanero sauce! LOL! 🙂

    You gotta love ’em!
    Oh yes…. he is definitely at THAT age lol

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