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Prince Charming just punched me.

Domestic Violence Awareness

How many of you have heard “My boyfriend/husband is a prince… he’s PERFECT!” ? There is no such thing. I don’t care how great he is… he has flaws. If he doesn’t…. there is something wrong and you will find out the hard way. I am married now to one of the most wonderful men in the world. Even he has flaws and things that irritate me. I accept these flaws graciously (sometimes snicker at them) but love him for his flaws.

My first husband, L, has a huge hangup with everyone wanting to think he is perfect. He is perfect obsessed. This is one of the biggest reasons why so many people in my family don’t believe me to this day that he abused me. Once we were married, I had to fit the “perfect family” profile to make him happy.

L has two personalities. In public and if he first meets you, L is amazing. There is not a flaw to be seen anywhere. He gives the impression that he is well-off financially. He looks you in the eye when he talks to you, he is a perfect gentleman when out on a date. L agrees with everything you say so you think you have someone on your side and in your corner of the world. L is attentive and caring of your every need…in public. He was…perfect.

Most people never see the L I know. He is a monster. He has a long suffering temper,but when it blows, it blows. L always got his way with his parents, so when things don’t go his way he has a two year old temper tantrum…at age 43. He bites, he punches, he throws things, he chokes, he kicks…anything to get his way.

Most abusers are perfect in every way when they first enter into a relationship. Abusers give the impression that there is nothing wrong with them. Most abusers don’t think there is anything wrong with them. They often think there is something wrong with their victim, or the victim enticed them into doing the abuse in some way.

Abusers appear perfect in every way so they can lull you into a sense of security. The perfect behavior will make you question your judgment when he hits you. You believe there is something wrong with you because everyone else thinks he is amazing and there is no way he could ever do anything like this to you.

If you are just starting a new relationship and everything seems perfect. Stop. Think. Be aware that this could be a potential abuser.

If you know someone who is married to someone perfect and she has given you a vibe that he may not be what you see… believe her. If she has told you that this perfect person is hitting her, you better believe her. Her life is in serious danger. The abuser wants you to disbelieve her.

If you think you may be a victim of Domestic Violence, please click the picture at the top of this post. Or you may call

1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
1-800-787-3224 (TTY)

6 Responses

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  3. I can relate. Same with my first. Blessings. . .

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  5. is so true that nobody has no flaws~

    In chinese there is a saying~
    if there are 10 guys infront you says that he is good guy!
    9.5 are telling the lies, and the 0.5 is pretending to be good~

    I do not support violence at home, home should be safe shelter for everyone in the family, if the violence appeared, don’t think twice, voice out if order to avoid longterm suffering~

  6. What you’re saying so needs saying. Well done.

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