Photo Friday 04/25/2008


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Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: Juxtaposition

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Looking in the Mirror

Today’s Photo Friday had me once again searching the internet for anything that could give me some clue as to what Juxtaposition was. I had never before heard this word in my life, and this week it has come accross 3 times in different forms in my life. The first was this weeks challange, then it was in an email someone sent me, and then one of my students used it in a sentence. Weird. That is what I love about this meme, I seem to notice something new every week.

I discovered that Juxtaposition was basically an object occupying the same space. I found images in which juxtaposition was used. I was still quite confused. Than my husband, the master of any English word, showed me specifically what it meant and the bell went off. I got it. I finally understood.

I took the following three photos of my kids (my favorite models) at Christmas:

I decided to somehow make them all appear in the same photo. My first attempt had me cutting each person out of their photo and placing them on top of each other, The result is kinda cool, but you can’t really see the kids:

My three angels

The result is not something I really liked, so I tried something different and asked my husband if it was still juxtaposition. He grinned and said “absolutely”. He liked it so much…

So, without further ado, here is my final juxtaposition photo of my three kids:

My three kids

This week I get the honor to pick next weeks title. So, without further ado, next weeks Photo Friday will be: Religion


15 Responses

  1. That is really cool! I really like idea and the concept of merging all three into one. if your kids are like mine were – i’m sure you wouldn’t want to really do that – but perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea – if I could merge the sweetness of the youngest, the intelligence of the oldness, and the humor of the middle one. You’ve got to frame and hang this one. I’m going to try it with my three too. Thanks for that great idea!!!

    Peace, Love, and Light

  2. Hi Tina, we have a new member yo add to this week’s entries list: CordieB @ Looking in the Mirror (follow the link from my site)

    There is a new post on my site about the Photo Friday portrait date too! Thanks for the idea.

  3. that is cool sister and todd you


  4. Andrew walked in when I was looking at your artwork and he said who IS that?! Then I showed him the rest of the pictures and he thought it was really cool. Very creative Tina.

  5. Very nice work… neat to see how everyone interprets this and uses their imagination! Great job!

  6. Oh my gosh! This is sooooo cool! Great entry, Tina! I think this one deserves wall space in your house. Your kids are gorgeous!

    So are your photos!

  7. This is amazing. Well done! You are going to have to frame this one, too! Your walls are going to be full of Photo Fridays!!

  8. :mrgreen: really great work, hon.

  9. They do look amazingly alike – and funnily the parts where the photographs almost but not quite join, makes the overall image more interesting for me.

    I will definately be trying adobe photoshop out.

  10. I am glad you like it… I used photoshop adobe to manipulate the photos.

    The hardest part was getting it all to line up, however, I quickly realized that the kids line up easier than most since they look so much alike!

  11. I’m back to have another look! I SO like what you did with the images of your 3 gorgeous children.

    How did you create the final image? Dis you use a digital manipulation device?

  12. Now that is clever! Wow!

    I really like what you’ve created – the colour version is good but the black and white is my favourite and quite brilliant!

    The subject matter (the children) is particularly well chosen – it really works when juxtaposed!

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