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Photo Friday


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Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: Life Imitating High Art

You can view other participants entries at:

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Curious C

Idea Jump

Today’s Photo Friday is “Life imitating High Art”. For this challenge, we had to find a piece of art, find some willing models, and pose them to imitate the art piece we chose.

I chose the photo “The Scream” by Edvard Munch. He painted this in 1893. It is said to symbolize the human species overwhelmed by an attack of existential angst.

This year, my daughter Ms. Artistic becomes a teen. She turns 13 in July. Like most teenagers, she is filled with angst. I asked her to be my model, and she happily agreed.

At first I was going to take the picture in a similar scene, but most bridges I could think of were along a busy road, and I didn’t want someone to hit us while we took the picture. I also didn’t know how I could match the red and yellow sky from the photo.

I decided to take her picture against the house and add her image into the original painting. It turned out better than I ever expected. It turned out so good, I am going to ask for a blown up version of this photo for my house for my birthday.

So, without further ado, here is the original painting:

Here is our life imitating high art:

We had so much fun doing this Photo Friday that we decided to imitate another of Munch’s paintings. This one is entitled “Ashes“. Again, it turned out so well that I would love to get it blown up and hung on my wall.

Here is the original:

Here is Life imitating Art:

18 Responses

  1. Brilliant! and so fun!

  2. Thanks for the smile; I love them both.

    Now for the reason I came by………
    As you may be aware, the Big Bang has eclipsed 790 sites, which is pretty amazing. I feel that the 1,000 site goal is very doable. If you haven’t updated your list in a while I would suggest doing so at http://mondaymorningpower.blogspot.com/2008/01/big-bang-master-list.html, however, that is not the reason for leaving this comment.

    I firmly believe that great things will happen to those who express gratitude for what they have. I am tagging you to express your gratitude with a Gratitude meme. Just go to http://AreYouGrateful.Com and follow the simple rules. Tagging is completely optional.

  3. These are so amazing…what creativity! Wish I could have participated….I’ll try next time! Please post how you did this!!

  4. […] and fabulous recreation of Edvard Munch’s  “The Scream” in the category It’s life imitating high art. She says she is going to have it enlarged for her home and I can understand why – it’s […]

  5. that is very cool nice job

  6. Hi Tina,

    Next week’s Photo Friday is “juxtaposition” chosen by Lou (BlahBlah Blog) – the week after it’s your choice. OK?


  7. Those are awesome. I too came over via the wonderful Peter Parkour.

    Oh, I just saw your weight loss tracker. I’ve lost 70 pounds, 120 more to go. Congratulations!!!!

    I also have to go to that Lost site. It is my favorite show ever.

    I used to have my own darkroom when 35mm were the thing. I have a good digital and I am just getting back into photography.

  8. OM gosh! These are so wonderful! I’d love to know how you did the original background with a new subject. I’d want these blown up for my wall, too! Great job, as usual!

  9. I too came over via Peter and I am so happy that I did. Your work is fantastic.

  10. @ all,

    Thank you so much for the compliments. I had a lot of fun doing this, and I plan to do a “how to” post this week.

    @ author

    I love your photo friday as well. The background is spectacular and having Henry in it makes it extra special! I would love to choose a theme or title. I already have an idea of one. Just let me know when to post it.

    @ lumpy
    Glad you came to visit. You should give this a shot. I am sure you have some talent!

    @ Peter

    Thanks for the link.

  11. I came back for another look at your pics because they are so COOL!

    I think we may have to try this particular Photo Friday again – don’t you? It was such fun!

    Lou is picking next week’s title – would you like to select for the week after? You’ll need to let us know what it is.

  12. Well done, I’ve seen that photo Friday button around. I’ll have to go see what that is all about because it’s not just about posting a pretty pic, seems like a chance to get creative. I was sent here by Spidey *Peter Parkour*

  13. WOW! Those came out awesome. Really great. Those are too cool. I can’t stop looking at them and then back at the originals. Wow. Really, just… Wow. 🙂 Wow.

    Wow. 😉

  14. PS: I just love that your daughter’s outfit is the same as the one in the painting too. So clever.

  15. What two fabulous entries. No wonder you want them enlarged.

    I’m a fan of the Edvard Munch painting “The Scream ” ( I so often feel like that about life!) and your clever digital manipulation is just brilliant. I love it.

    The second entry is also just as amazing (as good as the painting itself – although in a different way). I think you’ve uncovered a hidden talent.

    How fabulous that you all enjoyed creating them so much – what a lovely family activity. As you will see from my post, Pierre and I really enjoyed creating my photo too – we couldn’t stop laughing.

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