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Photo Friday: View from my Window


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Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: The view from my window

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Please forgive me, I am writing this post blind. WordPress has changed the way to create a post, and they did it in the middle of my trying to post this post. I am beyond irritated especially since they made this change without any notification of their changing things.

I can not see the actual result, just the “visual” portion, so I am sorry if things look strange.

Today’s Photo Friday is “The view from my window” I took this title seriously, and took a picture today from my window.

We did not buy our home for the view, but we did buy our home for the neighborhood quality and for a place for our kids to grow. Right outside our window there is a tree. It is a very big tree and the kids love to climb this tree. I am sure it has been there since the civil war and many soldiers may have found rest in the shade of this tree in our front yard. I can look out my window at nearly any time and see my kids playing, running, and having fun.

I also look out our front window to see my husband come home at night. That is always my favorite view. The birdhouse on the tree was made by my son and his grandfather So here it is, the view from my window:

Ambriel running in the front yard

I also have a photo from the window view of my Aunt and Uncle’s home in Michigan last week:

Sorry I was out of town last week for Photo Art, however next weeks topic is Photo Art 2… YAY!

4 Responses

  1. and how appropriate of a theme for your blog name!

  2. Agree with Jan! Gorgeous photo. And I’m still trying to figure out what wordpress has done here, too! I had no idea it was coming either. But your post looks perfect! I’m looking forward to getting to do Photographic Art again, too.

    And I love that your favorite view out your window is that of your husband returning home. Made me smile!

  3. […] Blahblahblog & Idea jump & Just for fun & Sky windows […]

  4. This is just a gorgeous photo!

    A lovely view, a great tree (I love the idea of soldiers from the civil war finding shelter under it) and an action shot of one of the children.

    I just love it! A very worthy entry. 🙂

    PS: I was in the middle of writing a post for tomorrow when wordpress changed – I thought I’d screwed up their system, blown a fuse or something! It was hilarious. I actually though my incompetence had caused the change. LOL! 🙂

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